BackUp Systems


The Importance of Secure Data Backup:

Protecting Your Small Business from Big Risks

One of the most important business commodities often overlooked in small businesses is the data your business generates and protecting that data when machines fail.

Every day you are creating new data that could be critical to the livelihood of your business and if it is being stored on your local machine it might not be protected. So if anything were to happen to that machine, e.g. a virus infects it or if the machine is stolen – all of this information would be lost. This could have serious consequences in terms of lost revenue and lost business with potential customers going elsewhere.

Tip: You’ll often find that weeks or months can go by before anyone notices that a file or data source is missing. This doesn’t mean the file isn’t important. Although some types of data aren’t used often, they’re still needed.  Don’t forget that you may also want to create extra sets of backups for monthly or quarterly periods, or both, to ensure that you can recover historical data over time.


Differential and Incremental Backups:

The difference between differential and incremental backups is extremely important.  With differential backups, you back up all the files that have changed since the last full backup (which means that the size of the differential backup grows over time). With incremental backups, you only back up files that have changed since the most recent full or incremental backup (which means the size of the incremental backup is usually much smaller than a full backup).